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Advertise for house cleaning work for free. But before you do it's a good idea to read the following information.

How to write a good ad for house cleaning jobs

  • If you were trying to find a good cleaner, what would you look for?
  • Write approximately 200 to 400 words. Too much is better than too little.
  • If you work as a house cleaner before describe your experience. If you don't have domestic experience explain your willingness to learn.
  • Good referees are very valuable. If you are confident about your referees mention them in your ad. Referees should preferably not be related to you but for whom you have worked or are still working for them.
  • Phrases such as "I'm looking for a job" say nothing about you and are not of interest to potential hirers. You need to tell the potential hirer about yourself and the specific house cleaning or other related tasks you can provide.
  • If English is your second language then it's a good idea to get your ad proof-read by others.
  • Check all spelling.
  • Write full words. DO NOT use abbreviations such as "yr" for "your", "u" for "you". Using these makes you and our website look amateurish.
  • Do not use slang words such as "gonna".
  • Write a sentence or two about yourself and your background, skills and experience/interest.
  • Sound calm, confident and professional.
  • Don't plead with your customers. Avoid phrases like "Give me a chance..." and "I promise you...".
  • If you like a clean house and you are good at cleaning your own house but do not have any commercial cleaning experience then mention this in your ad. In some cases hirers are satisfied with someone who has an eye for detail and are good at keeping their own home clean.
  • A Police check is another important attribute to have. Because of the anonymous nature of the Internet, presenting a valid police check is important. If you have a valid police check mention it in your ad. A brief statement such as "I've got a valid police check" would be sufficient. If you don't have a police check please ring your local Police Office to get one.

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