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Home Cleaning Check list

These are only guidelines. Different houses have different settings, furniture, number of rooms etc use this as a guideline only.

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Kitchen tops
  • Sink
  • Dust walls, doors, cabinets, shelves, etc
  • pantry
  • microwaves inside/outside
  • Floor
  • Garbage bin inside/outside
  • Stove
  • Oven
  • wipe benches, dishwasher, microwave, all appliances.

Living Rooms/Common Rooms Cleaning

  • All mirrors
  • dust walls, doors, shelves and other appliances
  • floor

Dining Rooms Cleaning

  • Dust and if necessary polish table and chairs
  • dust walls and other furniture as required.
  • floor

Bedrooms Cleaning

  • closets
  • dust walls and doors
  • dust shelves and other furniture
  • floor

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Bath/shower tub
  • shower door
  • sink, soap dish, tooth brush holder
  • bath tops
  • mirrors
  • shelves
  • disinfect if necessary
  • floor
  • make sure you use the right products to clean corner and edges of tubs, shower, floor etc

Toilet Cleaning (if separate)

  • Toilet bowl inside/outside
  • toilet-seat
  • disinfect if required
  • floor

Outdoor Cleaning

  • As required.

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