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Types of Cleaning

3.1 Standard house cleaning

Standard house cleaning may include kitchen, kitchen benches, living/common rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, toilets, hallways, bathrooms, internal stairs, shelves, cabinets etc.

Duties may include dusting, vacuuming, disinfecting (if necessary) and others. Possible extra duties may include wall washing, oven cleaning, etc.

The hirer usually provides all cleaning products and equipment for the house cleaner. However, if you have your own favourite products that you would like to use as an extra cleaning aid discuss this with your hirer. Some hirers use non-toxic products so check this first.

3.2 One-off house cleaning

Usually involves a thorough cleaning. It will include all standard cleaning as well as wall cleaning, window cleaning, and other tasks specified by hirer.

3.3 Move in/out house cleaning

This requires a very professional, thorough approach, as the job must be done to the satisfaction of the landlord or real estate agent. It may include wall washing, window cleaning and all appliances, garage cleaning (if applicable) etc. The cleaner may need to provide some sort of quality service assurance to the hirers. Cleaners must do the job to the satisfaction of the landlord or real estate agents. All equipment and cleaning products are supplied by the cleaning service.

Move in/out house cleaning usually doesn't include carpet cleaning.

3.4 Other house cleaning as requested by hirers.

Some hirers have specific tasks that they want you to do.


Who provides cleaning products?

Most hirers provide their own cleaning products unless you have your own cleaning business and would like to use your own cleaning supplies. If you work as a cleaner to earn extra money and have your favourite cleaning aids that you would like to use, discuss this with the hirer. Some hirers may use non chemical products only.

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