For Help-Seekers

Here are some tips on what you need to know before you invite a helper:

1. Have a clear idea of what you want to get done

You need to have a clear idea on what you want to get done.

Write the list of tasks.

2. Communicate: Learn How to delegate work

Written Instructions

Can you imagine on your first day at work your boss left you without any explanation or instructions about the work involved? It is the same with housework. It is very important that the helper knows what you want to get done.

Clearly define tasks. This will give the helper a sense of satisfaction once the tasks are completed.

Do not assume the helper knows how you run your household without any guidelines. Every household is different no matter how experienced the helper is.

Simple written instructions:

  1. Front lawn - requires mowing
  2. Side lawn - doesn't need mowing
  3. Back lawn - require mowing
  4. Empty the grass clippings into the compost
  5. Compost is located in the back yard under the deck

3. Advertisting for help

When posting a help-wanted ad, write as much information as you can about the job. This will narrow down the type of helpers who are available to do the task. HelpAroundTheHouse registration form allows you to put a detailed description of the tasks.

4. Screening

You'll need to do some screening before you invite the helper to your home.

Try to have as much communication as you can before you meet the helper.

Explain to the helper all your requirements such as:

  • Availability. The date and time of work. This is very important if your time is not flexible. Mention the number of hours per week or fortnight required to finish the tasks.

  • If you've a pet you should mention this to the helper as some helpers may be uncomfortable with pets.

  • It is good if you can be present on the first day. If you can't be available make sure you can be contactable over the phone to answer some questions.

  • The communication can be through phone or email. Some helpers may not have access to their email on daily basis so telephone if you can't get in touch with them through email.

  • Try to create a two-way conversation. Ask question as well as encouraging the helper to ask you.

  • If the helper offer specific work such as lawn mowing, it is not good to contact them for cleaning work. They may be pressured to say yes but this may not be a safe option for both parties.

  • You might like to do a quick simple background check. Ask if the helper has a current police check. If the helper doesn't have a police check ask to bring Identification Card such as driving license or Medicare with him/her during the first face to face meeting. You may like to do more background checking later on.

  • Once you're satisfied with the above mentioned criterion it is only now that you should invite the helper to your house.

  • Make sure to thank your Helper.