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Types of work include:

House Cleaning, Ironing/Laundry, Lawn mowing, Tutoring, Babysitting, Gardening, Cooking, Handy man, Pet minding and more.

Contacting helpers requires registration.
Free until December 2019.

Hirer Registration  tips

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Cleaning Babysitting Tutoring
Lawn mowing Ironing Gardening
Rubbish removal Pet minding Personal concierge
Pool maintenance Laundry House washing
Cooking Personal training Handy man
Computer maintenance Grocery shopping Car washing
Window cleaning Gutter cleaning Party help

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Your Privacy: We at HelpAroundTheHouse take privacy very seriously. If you indicate that you do not want to post a notice (in Step 1) then no information that you enter here will be visible on the website. If you do wish to post a notice then: (a) information in fields that is marked with a padlock icon () will only be visible to you and HelpAroundTheHouse staff; (b) information in fields marked with an information icon () will only be visible to other registered HelpAroundTheHouse users; and (c) information in unmarked fields is visible to all visitors to the website.