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Types of work include:

House Cleaning, Ironing/Laundry, Lawn mowing, Tutoring, Babysitting, Gardening, Cooking, Handy man, Pet minding and more.

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Alan in Kogarah (2217)

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I am currently a patient in:-

Wesley Private Psychiatric Hospital (Wandene),

I need to have some personal laundry to be washed and ironed as soon as possible,etc..

Please advise me, as soon as possible,
regarding any "Pick-Up and Return" Laundry Services (business or private, etc.) which operate in the Kogarah area.

They can collect my laundry from me here at the hospital, and perform the washing and ironing in their own home, etc..

I would appreciate their e-mail contact addresses, please.

Also, for how long do they retain my clothing for the washing and ironing, and when do I receive the clean clothes back?

I do not require any starch in the process.

Etc., etc., etc..

I am a Disability Pensioner with Centrelink, and I am in hospital receiving treatment for a major depressive disorder.

Your early response would be very greatly appreciated.

THANK-YOU !!!!!!!!!

From Alan Merrington
Needs help with: ironing, laundry
First Name: Alan
Suburb/Town Kogarah (near Carlton, Monterey, Bexley South, Beverley Park, Rockdale, Ramsgate, Allawah, Brighton-Le-Sands, Ramsgate Beach)
Nearest CBD: Sydney
State: New South Wales
Postcode: 2217
Last seen: 19 Sep 2010
Registered: 19 Sep 2010
E-mail / Phone: Click here to contact Alan





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