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3. Ironing Tips

Cover the ironing board with Aluminium Foil. This reflects the heat helping to iron both sides at once. Use distilled water or rainwater if possible. Have spray bottle water ready.

Ironing Shirt
Ironing Dress
Ironing Pants

Ironing Shirt

There is no right or wrong way to iron a shirt. The main thing is once you've a process to stick to it. One way of doing it is by ironing the collar, shoulder/yokes, Sleeves, cuffs, front and back panel. Collar is difficult to iron so it is good to iron it first. Iron the back of the collar first starting from the centre. Once the back of the collar is finished, turn to the front of the collar and keep ironing from the centre. Iron Shoulder/yoke - put the shoulder over the narrow end of the ironing board and iron from the yoke to the centre. Sleeves - Line up sleeves spreading the sleeves on the board. Make sure the sleeves stay flat. Press the inside of the sleeve following the previous ironing crease from the top of the shoulder/yoke. Continue to the other side. Flatten the cuff and Iron. If you can't get the cuff to stay flat use the angle of the iron to reach it. Front and back panel - spread the front panel flat across the large surface of the ironing board and iron. When finished do the back panel.

Hang up the shirt immediately.

Ironing Dress

One way of ironing a dress is by ironing the collar, shoulder/yokes, Sleeves and the body. Use the same technique as Ironing Shirt to iron the collar, shoulder/yokes and sleeves of the dress. To iron the body, stretch flat the body of the dress across the large surface of the ironing board. Iron starting from the back to the front. Iron each side from the top to bottom.

Hang up the dress immediately.

Ironing Pants

Turn the pants inside out. Iron the waistband. Move toward each pocket and iron both sides. Iron the fly, then the seams of the pants, then the hems.

Turn the pants so the correct side is facing out. Put the waistband of the pants over the narrow end of the board. Iron the top front part of the pants starting from the waistband.

Put the pants legs lengthwise parallel to the board in the same direction. Iron each leg following the current creases.

Iron the cuffs.

Hang up the pants immediately.

4. More Ironing Tips

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