About HelpAroundTheHouse

HelpAroundTheHouse.com.au was initially released in 2008. At the time, the website help connect over 10,000 Helpers and Hirers online.

The webiste is now dedicated to help isolated and vulnerable people as well as frontline healthcare workers.

The website is free to use by Helpers and Help-Seekers.

Helpers are volunteers who are willing to provide free service to people in their neigbbourhood who are isolated, vulnerable or working in the frontline of Covid-19.

Help-Seekers are community members who are either working on the frontline of Covid-19 or vulnerable and isolated people who need help with their housework.
Frontline workers include doctors, nurses, cleaners and other staff member who are serving the community impacted by Covid-19.

- Saba Mussie (Founder)