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Types of work include:

House Cleaning, Ironing/Laundry, Lawn mowing, Tutoring, Babysitting, Gardening, Cooking, Handy man, Pet minding and more.

About HelpAroundTheHouse

Being a new mum, I found it difficult juggling household chores, work and looking after my baby.

We couldn't afford a regular housekeeper, but there were many times I wished there was somebody I could just ring and ask to come right away to help with the cleaning, washing, cooking, etc.

We needed someone on a casual basis who we could call whenever we needed help.

On the other hand, not so long ago when I was a student I could've really used a bit of additional income, but I did not want the commitment of a part-time or even a casual job. I would've loved to have a job where I could earn money whilst still being able to do my university studies. It is not easy to find a job with such flexible hours.

From my previous work/study experience and my current situation of being a working mum, I realised the need for a service like HelpAroundTheHouse. Our aim is to make HelpAroundTheHouse a two-way job search. On the one hand Helpers will be able to search and find available Hirers. On the other hand Hirers will be able to search and find available Helpers.
- Saba Mussie (Founder)





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